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Real Life Simulations: Learn | Apply | Solve

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A Structured Man-Machine Blend For A Holistic Experience

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    Learn-by-Doing & Do-by-Learning

    Application based training with ‘guided’ algorithms and instructors for on-the-job experience

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    Real Life Challenges

    Work on real data created by industry experts to learn from and solve practical challenges

Your Gain

Highly intelligent and interactive platform built by global industry professionals to significantly reduce time to learn data analytics with high retention of practical knowledge.

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    Customized Portfolio

    Auto creates a customized portfolio for you to share with others

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    Get certified for every module and/or course that you complete

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    Learn to Code & Apply

    Point and click feature generates R and SAS codes automatically for you to learn from and to apply

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    Gamification is fun

    Learn and compete globally. Rate yourself with quizzes, badges, points and leader boards

Turn Art into Science! Pre-built functionalities enable to translate ‘expertise’ into platform content for global leverage. Check out our features section here.

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    Built-in Algorithms

    Build your own, or use 500+ built in algorithms to solve your projects and turn them into simulations

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    Establish yourself as functional analytics experts in a particular domain/industry

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    Self-Paced Approach

    Load your own data/content and determine the pace and process-flow of your approach. Collaborate and/or compete globally

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    Turn your expertise into revenue through global leverage

Leverage your own business data to train your employee. Use pre-built solutions to enhance business impact through data analytics. Use active knowledge management methodologies to leverage knowledge across regions

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    Business Dashboards

    Get a global view of all employees and groups with real time access to capability and skill metrics

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    Collaborative Problem Solving

    Enhance knowledge share through active and dynamic collaboration (internal & external) on all projects

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    Train with Own Business Cases

    Leverage your own business data to help employees learn, train, apply, and solve your business challenges, resulting in high ROI

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    Create end to end governance and control with complete information security and access controls

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