Experiential Data Analytics Platform with
Contextual Solutioning


Patent Portfolio
US Patent 1 - #9,886,867
Published on Feb. 06, 2018:
US Patent 2 Continuity Application #15,912,333 filed in Feb. 2018:
Registered Trademarks in USA: 9
Registered Trademarks in INDIA: 4

ATH is simulation-based "Contextual" Data Analytics "Learn-Apply-Solve" (iterative experiential approach) platform built using US patented design.


ATH memorizes and recommends the "approach of solving" in addition to the output alone, therby creating significant impact. It creates an intelligence that works with the User.

Good Design Award

With a prestigious "award-winning" and responsive UX/UI, the technology that powers ATH is a state-of-the-art microservices/API based solution architecture, that is tool and technique agnostic, enabling high scalability, performance, and reliabilty

The ATH Proposition Of Experiential Analytics

Experiential Learning and Knowledge Management

1.Expert enabled (live/virtual) interactive problem solving
2.Production ready codes provided to learn coding
3.Enables creation of relevant cases with own data

Agile Experimentation

1.500+ pre-built functions/algorithms for quick experimentation
2.Powerful console for simultaneous coding in R & Python
3.Auto generated R, Python & SAS codes for ready application

Scalable Solutions

1.Sand Box environment for Collaborative Problem Solving
2.Efficient Champion-Challenger models for superior results
3.Environment agnostic ready to deploy solutions at scale

The ATH Solutions Offerings

ATH SimuLab
The ATH Contextual Analytics Virtual Lab
  1. Maximize the value out of enterprise data asset
  2. Enhanced throughput by rapid experimentation & application
  3. Machine enabled immersive coaching for seamless upskill, cross-skill, & re-skill
ATH Precision
The ATH Analyze, Model, Govern and Implement Solution
  1. Platform to conceptualize solution (s)
  2. Ability for efficient champion-challenger iterations
  3. Ability to implement the framework and periodic maintenance
The ATH Data Science and ML Business Optimization Solutions
  1. Understand the business context
  2. Translate into DS / ML application
  3. Build, validate, implement, and manage the optimal solution
ATH Scholar
The ATH Learn and Assess Virtual Lab
  1. Application oriented immersive learning
  2. Simulation based – learn by doing approach
  3. Real time assessment and feedback loop

Functions covering the entire analytical continuum
Cases with real data and diverse industry verticals
Industry experts from diverse analytical fields

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