ATH Precision

  • ATH Precision is an – Analyze, Model, Implement and Governance suite, that can reside within an organization’s firewall or in the cloud, to build, deploy and manage analytical solutions.
  • Business Managers, Business Analysts, and Modelers can leverage ATH Precision to apply analytical frameworks, generate insights and build models driven by the business context
  • Businesses can leverage the power of ATH Precision to build and implement their models in a tool agnostic set up for easy maintenance and governance on their existing infrastructure
ATH Precision to analyze, build and implement analytical solutions

ATH Knowledge Repository

Successful Approaches

Industry Context

MIS & Reporting

Ability to connect with different data sources
to ingest data to join, clean and analyze

Recorded steps for reference and

Model Development

500+ in-built functions and algorithms in a ‘Point n Click’ format

Sandbox environment for quick experimentation

Monitoring & Governance

Implementation engine suite for
model deployment & management

Framework for model execution,
review and governance