ATH SimuLab

  • The ATH SimuLab platform is a contextual Analytics Virtual Lab, which provides an organization an ecosystem that fosters a seamless experience amongst learning and application of data science and analytics
  • ATH SimuLab provides an in-built guidance on the contextualization and interpretation of analytical frameworks, functions, algorithms and results
  • ATH SimuLab helps business managers and data analytics practitioners to build and apply analytical solutions to their business problems, in a tool agnostic sandbox environment
ATH SimuLab to drive a data driven culture
In-Built Guidance

Expert enabled live/virtual problem solving

Contextual frameworks for reference and application

Ability to create / modify contextual frameworks on enterprise data

One eco-system for up-skill, cross-skill and application

Seamless Application

Ability to upload / connect different types of databases and ingest different types of data

Ability to choose from 500+ functions and algorithms and apply analytics in a white box approach without coding

Interpretation of analytical algorithms and outputs for inference

Agile experimentation with focus on inference and application