500+ Pre-Built Functions & Algorithms

Simplified Data Operations

Perform operations on your own or you can also use 500+ pre-built functions present in our platform to solve projects.

Collaborate with Others

Simultaneous Interaction

Get to work on projects with people from across the globe. Access files and enable real time collaboration with Live Chat option.

Understand Coding

R & SAS language

Learn the syntax for each performed function for both R and SAS language. Compare your code to Reference codes (as solved by experts).

Create Courses

Plan | Create | Preview

Apply your acquired analytical skills to create courses for your teams. Get associated with us by designing courses and turn your expertise into revenue.


View users and groups

View global data in one place with real time status updates on tasks and various projects. Get access to capabilities and skill metrics of user groups.


Course and Module level certificate

After successful completion of every Module and Course, you will be certified. In case of businesses, co-branded certification process will be followed for their user groups.


Customized portfolio

Build your portfolio by adding information about your projects, courses and certifications. Map your performance over for multiple functions and share it with others.


Badges and Points

Every time you complete a simulation or milestone or course, you will receive badges, which are assigned at particular stage of completion. Points are also assigned during this journey, which can be redeemed for later usage.

Contextual Learning

Milestone level learn

Contextual Learning allows you to get better clarity on the learnings of a particular milestone. This is achieved through audios, videos and PDFs.

User Steps

My Steps

All steps taken while solving a simulation/case are recorded. At any instance you can select a step and understand the operation performed on it.

Rollback Feature

Get started from where you want

By executing rollback at a particular user step, you can start afresh from that step and continue towards solving your case/simulation. It omits all the steps performed after the selected user step.

Step Comparison

Compare and learn

Compare your steps with the expert steps to understand and learn the approach for solving a simulation.